It’s amazing how faVU593much spammers love to try and inundate websites. I must have have at least a good 200 or so obvious spammers at the forum and a few comments that were spam here. Almost makes you not want to bother maintaining a web site. But maintain it I will. There is still plenty of stuff I need to do (like getting the transcripts search to work again… I may have to learn some quick and dirty php to get it working again).

But for all you spammers out there just remember I’m only crushing your head. CRUSH! CRUSH! CRUSH!

Kithfan Forum is back up (sort of)

I have spent the day trying to move old members and messages from my old forum to kithfan1 the new one. All I managed to do for my efforts is break the forum database multiple times. I’m surprised I didn’t get a nasty e-mail from my service provider wondering why I was killing this poor board. Repeatedly.

I’ve left it with a basically blank board. If you were a regular poster there (you will see menu above, entitled Kithfan Forum.

To prevent spammers from getting on the list when you register you’ll have to wait for me to approve you. Sorry about that. But in the past, I had closed registrations altogether because of spammers and jerks posting porn on the site.  So to save me grief, please don’t spam or porn me.