Kithfan forum registration now working

Ah, sorry about that. I thought I had registration turned on, but apparently it was disabled. I was wondering why there hadn’t been anyone trying to register. Same rules apply. You register and I approve.

Oh yeah… this is a wordpress site and I don’t have a Contact Us link. I’m not a corporation. If you have something to say you are free to post a comment. I’ll see the comment. If you are a spammer it’s deleted. The last thing I really want to be hassled by spammers.

Today’s Mission

If I am willing to accept it….

I have the new forum loaded (but I will try and use my backup of my old forum) and see if they will talk to each other. If not, everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) would have to sign up again with the new forum. I’m going to see if I can prevent that from happening.

Okay so it probably WON’T be today… got USA v. Belgium to watch.


Yes, I’ve been running this site for a while. And I hadn’t done much to it, mainly because I was running this on an old server. When I tried to update it laughed and said, “no go.” So I had to move the files to a new server. The good news? It all got moved… The bad news? Some of it is broken.

What’s broken?

  • The Forum page. I have a copy of my database but it is for the old version of the software. I don’t know if I can move it to the version (I may give that a try this weekend or maybe over the 4th of July weekend)
  • Random Transcript Link (this I may need doteasy’s advice because the file structure here is a little different than at the old site location)
  • Search Transcript (that has the same problem as the Random Transcript link)

So why bother?

  • The list of Transcripts are still there.
  • The Seasons and sketches are listed (Mind you I need to go back and Officially call the sketches what they are called on the dvds.

Don’t let me forget the Disclosure of Duh:
Although these are NOT actual scripts but are, instead, fans’ recollections of their favorite sketches, please be reminded that the copyrights to the scripts and the shows, themselves, are owned by Broadway Video, Inc. Therefore, these materials may not be duplicated, published or exploited in any way. I would also hope they are also owned by The Kids in the Hall as well–my bit… sorry.